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    • This is a guide for all the wilderness key chest locations:    Blue Key  Location: Pirates' Hideout Building West of Mage Bank  (Wildy Tele --> Mage bank) Required: A lock-pick from Explorer Jack at ::home or ::Shops                      Pink Key  Location: Lava Maze        Green Key (Wildy Tele --> Chaos Altar) Location: Chaos Altar        Black Red Key (Wildy tele ---> Resource Area) Location: Wilderness Resource Area  (In Wildy Teleports) **Note: Everytime you want to go in you need a new key    
    • Deals Will rotate every month! speak to Owners ONLY TO GET THESE DEALS!!!

      Pking package(For players who want the edge in pking) Price $40
      X1 Elder Maul
      X1 Armadyl Godsword
      X2000 karambwan
      x2500 Rocktails
      x150 Super Combat potions
      20x Mystery Boxes (New) $150
      10x Mystery Boxes (New) $90
      5x Mystery Boxes (New) $45
      Max Mage Bundle(For the Deep Wild Pkers) Price: $105
      X1 Ancestral Set
      X1 Kodai Wand
      X1 Arcane Spirit Shield
      X1 Armadyl Crossbow
      Care Package (For New Players Looking for A Head Start In-game)Price : $60
      100m Gold Coins
      50x Donator Points
      1x Pet Of Choice
    • Possiable loot: - Dragon KiteShield
      - Red Party-Hat
      - Yellow Party-Hat
      - Blue Party-Hat
      - Green Party-Hat
      - Purple Party-Hat
      - White Party-Hat
      - Dragon claws
      - Bandos GodSword
      - Sara Godsword
      - Zamorak Godsword
      - Staff of Light
      - Torva PlateBody
      - Torva PlateLegs
      - Torva Helm
      - Twisted Bow
      - Dragon full trimmed
      - dragon plate trimmed
      - dragon legs trimmed
      - dragon shield trimmed
      - vesta longsword
      - Golden Hammer
      - 10$ scroll 
      - 10 Donator Points
      - infernal cap
      - fire cape
      - seers ring i
      - archers ring i
      - warriors ring i
      - berserker ring i
      - saradomin sword
      - chaotic rapier
      - statius full help
      - chaotic crossbow
      - Dragon Pickaxe
      - Hand cannon
      - Black gold Trimmed Lg
      - Black Gold Sk
      - G Wizzy Blue
      - regen bracelet
      - amulet of ranging
      - fury
      - fury Or
      - mystery Box
      - whip
      - third age rope (mage)
      - Third age robetop (Mage)
      - third age mele helm
      - third age mele plate
      - third age mele legs
      - this age mele shield
      - third age range top
      - third age range bottem
      - statius platebody
      - statius platelegs
      - dragon kin lamp
      - bandos chest
      - bandos legs
      - armadyl godsword
      - armadyl full helm
      - armadyl chainplate
      - armadyl chainskirt
      - Chaotic long
      - chaotic rapier
      - chaotic staff
      - chaotic maul
      - dragonfire shield