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  2. Add in missing potions for herblore! Super Antipoison and Weapon Poison afaik
  3. Hey! As you guys requested then I'm going to post here some suggestion, I'd like to see in server. 1) Make Tournament SAFE DEATH! (Lost my HCIM there..) 2) Rework achievements (make them more ironman, PVM and skilling friendly as well), at the moment achievements are only based on PK, but there could be achievements for skilling, pvm etc. Moreover, you could add option if ironman has certain play time or total level then they get instantly pk achievements done or something, since ironmen usually do not PK. 3) Move all the shops to the same area, at the moment some shops are at ::shops and some are at edgeville, it would be more convenient to have them in same area. 4) Add such ironman mode which can use only maybe some tools / ironman store and blood money store or something. At the moment ironmen can use all stores and have a lot of stuff in the beginning like regular player, only difference is trading. This gamemode would be for those who like real challenge. 5) For the future! If possible add Raids 1 and Raids 2, Inferno. Make some sort of Slayer shop. PS! If I get some more ideas, I will post under this topic!
  4. -Small lamps from ::reward 1 do not work. "Nothing interesting happens" -Remove lamps from voting rewards add pking supplies maybe? Or 20-30% drop rate increase for an hour?
  5. my third suggestion would be a box or a pet that would pick up his loot and lay on the bench
  6. my second suggestion is to create a weapon a little bit but not for pk but for pvm, a weapon that will be a little difficult to conquer but when it conquers it will make a lot of difference, example a rapier that will give 2x hite
  7. my suggestion and the next one, that you create a cover or a pet that gave a increased drop rate would be pretty cool
  8. Well for starters, Buff ballista (seems to hit fine just super inaccurate) -Rework donator shops -Add recolored items to a new donator shop so i can buy them -Add automatic tournaments every hour (give players ability to vote on the type of tournament to increase engagement) -Add Last Man Standing -Drop table reworks (some bosses arent even worth killing at all because drops are garbage) -Give donators a more beneficial island/dungeon (theres little to nothing to do on current zone. Maybe add some donator only bosses? Can help with designing a cool zone for us donators) -Add a kit you can add to any item in-game that will increase any bonus by 10-20% (lets say i have a DDS. Can apply kit and now all stats are buffed by 10-20% (with exclusion to use them in duel arena)) -Add ::funpk and a bunch of commands so you dont have to use teleporter to get somewhere fast (in case of clan wars or something in future) -Add clan meeting spots. (Give each clan and ONLY their members access to a zone nobody else can access for clan regrouping. Let's say i have a clan named "Mongolians" make the command ::mongolians and thats the clan exclusive spot.) -Fix spec orb setting not saving (only one that doesnt save have to enable it every time i login) -Will edit this as i find more ideas/glitches.
  9. just some things I think people will agree on 1.the possibility of xp well and drop rate well 2.adding a timer to the wildy resource area would be good so people cant farm ores or logs or fish also the item noter dose not charge you so add a fee to note items 3.the poosiblity of getting cerb pet from cerb to and the other pets that arnt droped by the boss its self
  10. These. Are, Amazing! Welcome to the community man. Cya around
  11. Hello everyone! My name is Martten and I'm quite new to the server. However, a little intro... Well I am 19 and I study dentistry at the moment. Also I like to do graphics and I am sportshooter. I guess I am the only Hardcore Ironman at the moment? Anyway gonna leave here some latest graphics I've done.
  12. Just figured I'd put some suggestions here since Randy asked. 1. Remove player actions from chat box such as moving items in inventory or picking up items also dropping items such as anglers the give a value amount in chat box Example of #1: 2. Double xp weekends?, Would be helpful for the people who want to max or just like skilling. 3. Global drop announcements. I.e; "NH NH has received x1 Serpentine Helm from Zulrah!" 4. More slayer monsters that drop good items in wildy, there are currently a few but an addition would be nice. 5. More owner/staff run events in-game for players of the server to enjoy such as nh tourny's, dh, pure, or even pvm when/if global drop announcements get added. Will come up with more in the future. Thanks, NH NH/Matt
  13. Dear community, We have been working on fixing bugs and slowly bringing in minor updates to the OS server. We would like you to let us know what YOU would like to see added into the server! Suggesting up to three things will enable you to enter a draw to win 50 DONATOR TOKENS. Thank you, OS Team
  14. Just two suggestions on the client. A higher zoom out limit and the option to maintain the inventory/tabs look when going from fixed to resizable mode rather than them going into one or two lines below the inv.
  15. If u stay behind the rock callisto will always get stuck on the tree! If hes stuck on the tree u pray melee. He wont hit u. Like pic below. Now if you stand out in the open. You can get him behind the rock. You wont be required to use prot melee. Save that prayer. Red circle stand before he spawns. Green circle run to as he agros you! also heres a vid with it in there as well =p
  16. 4k dragon stones gives about 13.7m xp so shouldnt have to buy more than 4k
  17. Bandos guide!.webm
  18. in a video =]
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