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  1. thank you very much will be implementing this.
  2. Update Log 12-16-18 General Updates: Added Blood Money Exchange Npc In rev caves @ lvl 18 tunnel entrance Implemented a new gp>blood money swap rate system at blood money exchange npc. Implemented Statue Exchange At same Npc in rev caves, swapping ancient statues for blood money when used on him. Implemented a new mini game King of the Hill Look below for description Implemented Master Skill Capes Added Master SkillCape Shop too Edgeville Capes cost 200m Each. Added Timers On Screen For Vengeance more to come. Zenyte Jewelry Making required 1 Shard + 1 Necklace Mold + Fury Example to make Torture. Blowpipe Now required 1 Zulrah scale as well as 1 dart per shot. skill guides Are now out ! Speed up Server Announcements added server announcement reminding players ::weeklytasks is out. New kraken Island Implemented Free for all Updates: Free for all arena will now be multi. You will now receive 5 Shark per kill along with special and full hp Everyone's prayer book will be forced to normal upon entrance. How the Updates Work: Blood money exchange: You will need AT LEAST 250m gold to use this feature. Once you have the gold you must make you way to ::revcaves. Upon entering rev caves you must make you way down to the SW corner of the caves to find the Exchange Npc. Once there select his second option and pick one of the 3 options he offers. 250m>9.5k bm 1b > 38K Bm 2b 76k Bm Once You have made a selection you will be frozen for 2 minutes as well as teleblocked in the 4x4 square surrounding the npc. *Note the world will get a message saying you exchanged giving players the opportunity to get to you and kill you* *you may not log out or teleport during these 2 minutes. Once your 2 minutes is up run 4 squares away and teleport* Statue Exchange. You will need at least 1 ancient statue to use this feature. Once you have the statues you must make you way to ::revcaves. Upon entering rev caves you must make you way down to the SW corner of the caves to find the Exchange Npc. Once there Use your statues on him to obtain 500 blood money per statue.. *note you'll be frozen for 30 seconds and tbed when using statues on the exchange * __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Introducing Master SkillCapes Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic Master Capes Give > Max Hit + 15 when equipped (only on npcs) Hitpoints Master Cape Allows you to eat until 138 hit points rather than 99 Mining Master Cape Gives you the ability to note every ore you mine + gems you mine while wearing Smithing Master Cape 35% chance to save bars when smithing something Slayer Master Cape your slayer task will always be x2 the normal amount it would assign Fishing Master Cape fishing will not give you 45% chance of noting fish when catching them and wearing cape Cooking Master Cape cook at x2 rate than normal when wearing cape Agility Master Cape Will give unlimited run when wearing in the wilderness *Note other master cape benefits will be added soon as well* __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Introducing king of the Hill Requires 2 players minimum to start the lobby. Event will be ran per staff approval a few times per hour. Willer Will receive Blood Money * players participating + custom hosted reward at the time. How it works: First players will be placed into a lobby upon the event starting type ::king to enter the lobby. The Lobby will last 4 minutes before starting the game so and announcements reminding people game is starting will go off every now and then before game starts. Once the game begins players will be placed randomly on the (1st) and (3nd) floor of the Minigame. When Placed you will begin with Low Tier armor, 3 Lobbies, 1 shark, and 10 prayer points. There are skeletons placed throughout every floor and when You see one You can Loot them for Item/armor upgrades. *note keep in mind you can save the items you get weather there good or not and sell them to the Exchange to buy armor upgrades* Once you have looted all available skeletons you should make your way to the ladder in the middle of the floor your on and travel to the 2nd floor, and too the middle of the room where you can find the Exchange Sack and begin upgrading your armor. *keep in mind you can be attacked while doing so , so try and be a sly dog getting there* Another Objective with killing players inside of the minigame you will recive 5 bones of my enemy in your inventory *thats the currency for the exchange shop* After you have managed to fully upgrade your gear begin to hunt and find your targets!! Another Big mechanic too keep in mind! The minigame will Last (20) minutes long. At (15) minutes into gameplay you will be Transferred Into the (2nd) floor along with everyone els left in the game. *note keep in mind the only floor that is multi is the 2nd floor* Let the battle Begin!!! So in order to win the minigame you must be the last man standing inside the minigame Once everyone is transferred into the last place you will have 5 minutes too kill everyone inside the map or the minigame will end automatically and there will be no reward given. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Skill Guides Right click a skill and it will open a general guide to the skill. and will offer some teleports aswell.
  3. If you are interested in obtaining a "trusted dicer rank" you must become trusted within the community as a well known middleman or Host to Apply. If interested Comment your name below this thread . Below Are A List Of trusted Hosts: Gerbear Trusted Middlemen Perks of being trusted dicer : Custom Gold login Message Approved by Oaky Example: Saying [trusted Dicer] playername has logged in maybe he is gambling?
  4. shutup randyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love you
  5. very good will help players a ton!
  6. looks good bro