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  1. Voting - Competition For Sled This Monday I will be hosting a "Voting Competition" The three top players who have voted the most throughout the week will be able to compete in a Trivia I will host on Friday. The player who wins the Trivia will be rewarded with a "Sled".
  2. I'm so shocked too have the rarest drop-rate pet in game!
  3. Hello. Firstly I would like to say these are some of the things that I believe need to be added & fixed. 1.) At the Firemaking skill zone there should be a "Banker" so that players who have earned their logs may be able to use the bank to withdraw & light logs. 2.) As you can clearly see in this gif I've created below if I use the command ::Staff only Oaky shows up. This command will be used more & more throughout the server as it continues to grow & is important too show available online staff at all times, as even if a staff member is online they might not even be in the "help cc" https://i.gyazo.com/ebd51de93fc238dd7712d5a41df6bae2.gif 3.) Two Factor Authentication: With Outlawz growing quickly it is time to think of alternative ways for players too secure their account with extra ::2fa methods in-case one is not available too them. At the moment in-game if you type ::2fa you will need too enter your "phone number". Some of the players will not have a valid phone number and for that reason allow me too suggest some of the other options Two Factor Authentication has too offer. You could input Google Authentication. Google Authentication would require that a player download the app from either the Ios/Android app store & simply type or scan the code given for his or her device to be known as a recognized device. Perhaps even a better alternative for players who do not have either a phone even without service & or not able too gain access to a mobile device that will allow them too use any method of Two Factor Authentication, would be too input a ::Pin Command this being the easiest & fastest way to secure your account. by simply typing ::Pin you would be able too create a 4 - 8 digit pin which I would throw in a note stating be sure too write it down & upon login before a player can move he/she is required too input the "pin". If you've logged in near an Npc/Player that is able too attack you before you have entered your pin, you will be safe until you've entered your pin.
  4. Hello, I'm Yogosun. I hope to see everyone enjoying Outlawz as much as I am.