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  1. welcome to Outlawz, Look forward to seeing you around!
  2. welcome to Outlawz, Look forward to seeing you around!
  3. GameMode Updates -Hardcore Ironman Re-named Ultimate Ironman -Hardcore Ironman Added -Extreme Added (15% XP Of Normal Players) -Extreme Ironman Added -Unique Global Messages Sent When Non-Normal Players Max -Global Message Sent When A Hardcore Ironman Dies NPC Updates -Examining An NPC Opens It's Drop Table Bug Updates -Skilling Teleports Not Working Fixed -Dungeoneering Shop Inaccessible To Ironmen Fixed -Agility Ticket Shop Inaccessible To Ironmen Fixed -Zamorakian Spear Equippable At Level 1 Fixed -Flameburst Defender Equipping In Wrong Hand Fixed -Ava's Accumulator Not Saving Ammo Fixed -NPC's Not Showing On The Drop Table Checker Until Searching Fixed Skilling Updates -Cooking Range Added To Cooking Teleport -Smithing XP Lowered And Balanced -Less Coal Is Required To Smelt Bars Minigame Updates -New Warriors Guild Formula Used Client Updates -Highscores Button Fixed On The Jframe Prestige Updates -New Prestige System Added -Amount Of Points Per Skill Changed Miscellaneous Updates -Drop Table Checker Is More Accurate -New Casket System Added ___________________________________________ Bug Updates -Invisible Jad Fixed -Ancestral Robe Top Fixed -Tz NPC At Fight Caves Showing Cape Instead Of Body Fixed -Equipment Interface Missing Certain Bonuses Fixed Miscellaneous Updates -New Casket System -Mystery Boxes Removed From Caskets -Mystery Box Rates Changed -Legendary Items From Mystery Box Sends A Global Message -Game Mode Icons Added Item Updates -Ancestral Stats Changed -Kodai Wand Buffed NPC Updates -added Zulrah to boss points 1 per kill -added Galvek Boss coming ingame next update Skilling Updates -Cooking Range Added To Cooking Teleport -Smithing XP Lowered And Balanced -Less Coal Is Required To Smelt Bars -Exp Lamps exp patched Client Updates Patched issue with drop table interface not showing drops _________________________________________________ Bug Updates -Wilderness Not Keeping Items Fixed -Missing Weapon Interface For Abyssal Tentacle Fixed -Flower Poker Overlapping Fixed -Players Online Interface Invisible Background Fixed -ironman shops fixed now 100% -duo iron not working patched -infernal max cape is now made by using max cape on infernal cape Item Updates -Ring Of Wealth (i) Added NPC Updates -Kill Counter Added To Show Total Kills For An NPC -Every 100 Kills You Hit The Drop Table Twice (Double Loot) -Nmz npc accepts rings for 1500 zombie frags to inbue them Miscellaneous Updates -Well Of Goodwill Accepts Noted Items -Vote Scrolls Are Automatically Given (Checks Every 10 Seconds) -Nightmare zone added -nightmare reward shop added -nightmare tokens multiplied -::nightmare to get to new nmz or zombie mingame __________________________________________________ Bug Updates -Votes Not Counting For Achievement Progress Fixed -5m Damage Achievement Fixed -Ironmen Unable To Spend Points Fixed -Different Prices For Barrows Armor In Vote Shop Fixed -Ironmen Unable To Open Dung Shop Inside A Floor Fixed -Being Skulled From Auto-Retaliating Fixed -Resetting Slayer Task Without Points Fixed -Experience Lock Button Not Working Fixed Item Updates -Toxic Blowpipe Stats Range Strength Lowered And Given Other Stats -Magme Blowpipe Given Stats -Infernal Max Cape Acts As Ava's -Dragon Hunter Crossbow Gives Bonus Against Dragons -Overload Restores Health Taken From Using It After It Runs Out -Deathtouched Darts Added -Dragon Warhammer Spec Lowers Defence By 15% -Abyssal Whip Spec Freezes Opponent -Karambwans Should Have No Food Eat Lag NPC Updates -Zulrah Added To Boss Teleports -NPC's With A Higher Combat Level Do Not Require A Right Click Miscellaneous Updates -::shops Location Changed ::filter Added (Give Suggestions On What Messages You Want Filtered) -Slayer Points Buffed -Extreme Players Get More Slayer Points Than Normal Players -Wildy Resource Area Has An Hour Timer -Well Of Goodwill Message Changed -Placeholders added -Shop Updates -Extend Slayer Task Scroll Added To Slayer Points Shop Ironman Updates -Dont lose status in vorkath or inferno anymore Miscellaneous Updates -Items Valued Over 30m Will Send You A Message To Check The Ground -Tin ore added in all donar zones -Door In Mining Guild Now Move you Over into falador Ming (ton of tin ore) -Ring of wealth (i) is weildable now. Bug Updates -Ava's Effect On Capes Fixed -Ironman Point Store 1 Not Showing Price Fixed -Ironman Not Allowed to use shop 2 fixed -Zulrah added to boss interface secition -callisto added to boss interface section -ironman have acess to prestige point shop -Korsi is now sellable -Vorkath region now instanced properly (leme know if any issues) -Vorkath multile spawn fixed -Fixed using rings on npc to inbue (::nightmare) Shop Updates -New Donar Shop added for 20+ donated -Consumables Store No Longer sells noted Pots or food (will not be changed ) -Primal removed from shop until further notice. -Primal Weapons have also been debuffed -HandCannon Shots Added Too Ironman SHop -Teleport Tabs too Citys Added to ironman Shop Wilderness updates -Wilderness Resource 1 hour timer patched( apon entrence you have 1 hour to spend inside before your taken out) -Rev Cave is Now Wilderness -You May No Longer Leave The Rev Area Whilst In Combat -Magic cape now has spell book swap feature ( 5 per day coming in next update ) Npc Updates -Demonic Gorillas Added(all 3 Prayers flicking) -Rev Npcs will now allow u attack them\ Teleport Updates -Multiple Bosses Added to Interface -Wild Warning Added to vetion/vennenatis/ scorpia Dungeoneering Updates -Dungeoneering weapons decreased to 80k per until new dung system is implamented Bug Updates -All But One Bank Deleting Items Fixed -Hardcore Ironmen Not Losing Status Fixed -Birds Nest Fixed -Rev Caves Not Saying Wilderness On Teleport Fixed -Gambling Untradables Fixed -::shops Wrong Location Fixed -Cooking Range Not Working Fixed -Muted Players Able To PM Fixed -Inferno Adze Working In Inventory Fixed -Bone Crusher Not Working Fixed -Ironmen Not Able To Use Runecrafting Shops Fixed -Rev Cave exit added Skilling Updates -Cutting Gems Into Bolt Tips Added -Adding Bolt Tips To Create Bolts -Fletching Darts Added -Chance To Get A Ring Of Wealth From Birds Nest Item Updates -Korasi Is Unsellable -Dragon Darts Are Sellable And Tradable -Blowpipe Special Changed -Magma Blowpipe Given Special -Divine Gives Proper Absorbing Damage -Elysian Gives Proper Absorbing Damage Client Updates -Escape Key To Close Interfaces Added Interface Updates Boss Section Finished(Chaos Fanatic Added + Crazy Archaeoligist) Shop Updates -Noted Potions Removed From Consumables Store -Items In The Dung Shop Can Be Sold Back For 50% Value -Grimy Herbs Removed From Herblore Shop -Red Spider Eggs Added To Herblore Shop -Nature Talisman Added To Talisman Shop -Irons Now have vote point shop acess NPC Updates -Cook NPC Restores Stats If You Have More Than $0 Donated Miscellaneous Updates -Blood Money Dropped From Player Killing Npc Updates -CrazyArcheoligist Added full combat script -Chaos Fanatic added full script -torture ammy added to chaos drop table -anguish ammy added to archaeoligist drop table __________________________________________________ Misplaced/ out of order updates Miscellaneous Updates -Birds Nest Have A Less Chance To Get A Ring Of Wealth -Summoning Works At Vorkath -Hunter Fail Messages Added To ::filter -Iron And Steel Bars Removed From Construction Store Bug Updates -Evil Tree Not Working Fixed -500 Torstol Achievement Not Working Fixed -Mining 1k Runite Ore Achievement Fixed -Blood Money Store Fixed -Wrong Links On Client Jframe Fixed -Serpentine Helm Not Protecting From Venom Fixed -Serpentine Helm Poisoning Yourself Fixed -Magic Spell Book Teleports Opening Wrong Tab Fixed -Crazy Archaeologist Drops Fixed -Chaos Fanatic Drops Fixed Shop Updates -Hexcrest And Focus Sight Added To Slayer Store Item Updates -Infernal Max Cape Buffed Donator Updates -Legendary Mystery Boxes Added To Donator Store NPC Updates -Thieving Seller Moved Next To Stalls Ironman Updates -HC Ironmen Losing Status At Dung Fixed -Hardcore Ironmen Lose Status At Vorkath If They Die -Ironmen Can Use The Blood Money Store Rank Updates -Mgt can no longer trade -Mgt Now Is Fully Privileged -Mgt Crown fixed in all chats -6 Game mode crowns fixed in ALL chats Game Updates - Kill Tracker Added for every Npc ingame - Added Blood Money - Added All Flasks (6) doce - Evil tree / Start locations Updating in quest tab now every 1 minute. Npc Updates - Vorkath Entrance Bug fixed - Demonic Gorillas Combat Script Redone Iron Updates -Iron Shop Fixed/ Iron Points fixed Game Updates - All spirit shields Output Proper effects Now Game Updates - All spirit shields Output Proper effects Now General Updates - Removed alot of extra npcs @ varrock -Mith seed value Increased too 2.5m per seed -Already money ticket exchange @ home -Dice bag is in shop for 950m needs increased for sure. -Jail Added - Added ::market and a filtered message when you teleport in - Added lottery npc @ dice witch also has a shop for gambling needs. - Added :onate when exacuted it teleports you too donator castle - Moved Donation Npc's too 2nd Floor Of Donator Castle(:onate) - Fixed Staircases @ donator castle - Fixed Mystery Box interface General Updates -Resource area fixed -Resource area required 150k+ resource key obtained from a new npc being released tommorow, to open the door. -1 hour timer added to resource area after 1 hour you will be kicked out and put back at the door and will require further payment to re enter. -Everything inside resource area should be 100% working now. -Teleporting to venenatis will now take you to venenatis. -Fixed weird tele to last place issue when trying to use boss teleports. -Added Cooking Range @ edge -Fixed Cooking ranges pathing to move to them when food is used on them (will no longer just stand still) -Twisted Bow formula is now 100% to osrs. -Twisted Bow Now has a max Hit of 8-8 in the wilderness when using special. (hits weak in wild in general aswell) -Occult altar added @home -Dice Must Now be roled in dice area any attemt to do elswear will trigger u to join dice cc and move to dicing area. Mystery Boxes -Redone interface completly -Only 1 mysterybox will load a interface now.(others will be given as event rewards) -Counter added to track opened m boxes -Implamented a reward system for opening boxes every 100 u get 100m bonus at 500 u get pet -100-100m -200-200m -300-300m -400-400m -500-Mbox Pet -A individual tracker will be setup to show u every box u open via ingame chat your total. Shop Updates/ Npc updates -Added Tekton and all his animations. -Added Vasa Nitro and all his animations -Fixed Up The Evil tree/ Star Npc Now teleports u to the correct place. -Added Hammer to construction shop and travel shop/ smithing shop -Fixed some items being bought in certain stores(tell me what items in future annoying to go thru every shop and find :P) -4 Npcs have been added Top floor of :onate -Added a coin/item gambler for certain rank+ will be discussed later. Teleport Updates - :ice has been added and moved to new location - :onate has been added and rewrote to move you to donation Building & force open our online store. -Full donation script online!! -Forums Online and under construction -Vote sites online ! -all raids npcs added -all gfx / animations added to raids npcs now 100% working New Home TreasureIsland Preview Mini Game Update - ::Treasureisland Introduced How it works 1. There are 4 Bosses on this island 2. It will require you having at least 1 too tank and 1 too kill would recommend a group 3. You will need (1) of each of (4) boss keys to open the chest in the gif above. must have all 4 to open 4. The loot in chest can be anywhere from 1m-100m + there are legendary rewards such as battlemage exc. 5. Bosses drop keys at a (50%) drop rate 6. THESE BOSSES REQUIRE RANGE/ MAGIC TO FIGHT. HOWEVER YOU CAN MELE UP CLOSE IF YOU LIKE. Updates to look forward to in todays client update include: Potion timers on screen Barrage timers on screen veng timers on screen thanks too @Zac raids maps last man standing maps thanks too @Meep123 syth of virtur added 100% ballista added 100% trident added 100% with a twist :smile: will be a slayer reward and will have unlimited charges. Scyth of virtur preview Raids Npc preview Last Man standing preview Updates 12-2-18 Bug Fixes - Patched white barette not being weildable - fixed maggebank levers teleporting you to the wrong places - fixed playerpanel points not updating instantly when buying items o new interface - maladiction ward is now weildable - Patched black cav/blue cav/ red headband/blue headband/black headband now wealding in proper slot - fixed donatorisland being able to go into other peoples zones without ammount donated. Skill updates - yellow-green energy have been added as a great afk way to train rune-crafting. Content Updates - Mystery Boxes are now redone 85% of trolls removed keep in mind every box wont be golden... Npc Updates - Mole max hit patched now (35) - added runecrafting syphon npcs for the runecrafting shop pouches and runecrafting armor. - Stardust shop added at home - Npcs added on map giving more real world effect leaving zones not looking empty thanks too @KOM MiniGame Updates - You Now recive more tokens from every type of armor at warriors guild. Teleport fixes - Metal dragon teleport now takes you to the right place. Shop Updates - c key changed too (25) points - Mbox In (ALL) shops points updated this is the new donation discounts interface. ::discounts loads the interface. the first number on each item is the price before discount. the 2nd is the price after discout. each time you purchase a item from ::discounts your bar will continue to fill up once full you will recive bonus reward (25k bm atm) the discount store will work with donation points so you must have donation points to purchase the items. Shop Update - Dragon arrow tips added to crafting shop temporarly to get some ingame. will further implament. ncp Update - Npc fixed at edge (spec restore npc) - Added Donation Npcs at home/ Thieving Npcs in green area - Added Nmz Npc to upgrade your rings to inbued rings for a cost of the pigments you get inside nmz. - Added ::nmz tele for afk training - Added blood money exchange npc @ home. Donation Zones Update - Added Blood Money Npc (pickPocket as Ruby benifit) at ::donatorisland ruby side. - Added Portals too plat/diamond & ruby sides of donator island ( to carry you to their special zone) - ::donatorisland command added for all donators. will have side zones within each rank. - 20-40 Zone ::dzone - 60$ zone ::goldzone - 150$-$225 zone ::platzone - 500$ ::rubyzone - Global Donation zone ::donatorisland - Gates south of doation island will now take you to Treasure island Minigame 4 new bosses Skill Updates -Added In Full npc Thieving - All thieving npcs added @ edgeville south in green area. - added donation npcs at edge - added dragon arrow making Npc Updates - rock crabs drop table redone - wildywyrm drop table redone - experiments drop table redone - abby demonds drop table redone - bandits drop table redone - ghouls drop table redone - zulrah drop table redone - nex drop table revised - skitizo drop table revised(more to come) - mole drop table revised - vorkath drops revised - Chaos Fanatic drop table added - Krill Tsutaroth drop table revised - Krill Minions drop tables revised - Bandos Drop Table revised - Commander zilyana drop table added - Commander zilyana minions drop table added Todays Updates so far Bug removal's - fixed over 150 "outlawzrsps's typos too > outlawzrs" - Infernal mage walking animation fixed. Npc Updates - Tormented demonds drop table redone - Bork drop table redone - Chaos elemental drop table redone - Npc added by edge wilderness that restores your hp/special if u have atleast 1$ donated. Game Updates - New client Background Done - Fixed Drop table buffer rate (iv Invisible click anywhere in invisible area and will load instantly) - rev cave exit not works (only if standing infront of the cave not on side) - Welcom message added to zera/ support when logging in. - Updated Manager to show On ::staff - Added Moderator login message - Donation script now 100% server sided and up too date with website (full donation store released today) Discord Updates - Staff Daily Mutes Thread posted read - Staff daily bans thread posted read - rune-server staff list updated Client Updates New client Autoupdates client/cache if new versions are avaliable no more redownloading finally :smiley: thanks to zera for building a custom script Game Updates - Vorkath now gives boss points - tome of frost now goes to shield slot - fixed manager not showing as staff in help chat - changed ::dice location to castlewars - Fixed dragon sq model showing as green blob. - Magebank teleport moved to magebank inside area New System Implamented - Bloodier Exchange Shop shop will sell (donation point scrolls ) the currency for the shop will be blood money this way players who cant affor to donate can save for donation point scrolls. - Keep in mind now when donating for points you can also sell the point scrolls for gold ingame ^^ Donation Site Updates - Now when you donate for donation points you will recive a (scroll, scrolls) - for the ammount you donated for in points. - Example 10 point donation when ::claimdonation is typed ingame you would recive a 10 donation point scroll. Bug removal's - removed 3 fermeting vats at edgevillwild - removed green splat(small obolisk at tzaharr caves) - fixed vampire bugged @ gwd - fixed void night inferno pice bugged into npc Npc Updates - Callisto Drop table Added - Ironman Npc Swapped Out @ edge no more buggy npc - Fixed duradel npc (new npc) - Fixed Callisto Knocking you far as hell across map - Kq drop table added - Lizardman shammen drop table added - kbd Drop table updated - slash bash drop table updated Game Updates - home npcs redone looks nice now. - removed leg m boxes from game. - removed warriors guild interface was annoying everywhere it went - changed achievement kill 7500 monster too > kill 10,000 monsters - fixed summoning obolisk not working in edgevill - fixed summoning obolisk animaition making you go invisible
  4. Hello Everyone, I am Rhuben aka Sacrifice, I am the Web Developer / GFX artist / Community manager of outlawz! Been playing rsps since i was about 8 years old and i still love them to this day. I'll be sticking around so make sure to stay around as well and grind hard. i look forward to meeting everyone. Sacrifice