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  1. I read through your entire post as if you were shouting
  2. Would love to have 1b capes. But I feel it'd be even better with hiscores, people would be going for a lot of 1b's.
  3. Done the tasks. Count me in. Good luck to everyone else participating!
  4. This the right sub for suggestions? I was actually gonna post in the "Feature requests" sub but the discord channel for suggestions link here so I guess here goes. 1. Add Drygore weaponry as drops from Kalphite Queen. This will make the boss less useless and melee style as strong as the other styles. 2. Add Dragonkin Lamps and Mboxes to boss points shop. They can cost 100 pts and 250 pts respectively. This is so players have what to buy after they already own the equipments in the shop. That's it for now, I'll post more when I think of more.
  5. Awesome giveaway, I'm in. GL everyone else who's participating.
  6. Great guide, but needs a little update now with the new home change. Thanks a lot for the guide.
  7. U boring fag
  8. So as the title suggests. I'm Charlie. It's a nickname for Charlotte and I WILL bite your finger. My name in the server is, you guessed it, Charlie. I'm 21, from England. See you in game.