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  1. If u stay behind the rock callisto will always get stuck on the tree! If hes stuck on the tree u pray melee. He wont hit u. Like pic below. Now if you stand out in the open. You can get him behind the rock. You wont be required to use prot melee. Save that prayer. Red circle stand before he spawns. Green circle run to as he agros you! also heres a vid with it in there as well =p
  2. 4k dragon stones gives about 13.7m xp so shouldnt have to buy more than 4k
  3. in a video =]
  4. if ya need ill give it a go
  5. not a hard event but here ya go
  6. new extreme vid one out check it out be honest I just wanna get beter at making videos
  7. this needs to be made ina vid!
  8. so heres my rant the other day I tried to get a picture on the forums idk if im broken but its just didn't work if anyone caN tell me wtf im doing wrong I tried dragging the pic in a folder I just don't know today feeling like sht and I also just want randy to stop yelling at me =p
  9. so basically just like osrs vorki