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  1. -Small lamps from ::reward 1 do not work. "Nothing interesting happens" -Remove lamps from voting rewards add pking supplies maybe? Or 20-30% drop rate increase for an hour?
  2. Well for starters, Buff ballista (seems to hit fine just super inaccurate) -Rework donator shops -Add recolored items to a new donator shop so i can buy them -Add automatic tournaments every hour (give players ability to vote on the type of tournament to increase engagement) -Add Last Man Standing -Drop table reworks (some bosses arent even worth killing at all because drops are garbage) -Give donators a more beneficial island/dungeon (theres little to nothing to do on current zone. Maybe add some donator only bosses? Can help with designing a cool zone for us donators) -Add a kit you can add to any item in-game that will increase any bonus by 10-20% (lets say i have a DDS. Can apply kit and now all stats are buffed by 10-20% (with exclusion to use them in duel arena)) -Add ::funpk and a bunch of commands so you dont have to use teleporter to get somewhere fast (in case of clan wars or something in future) -Add clan meeting spots. (Give each clan and ONLY their members access to a zone nobody else can access for clan regrouping. Let's say i have a clan named "Mongolians" make the command ::mongolians and thats the clan exclusive spot.) -Fix spec orb setting not saving (only one that doesnt save have to enable it every time i login) -Will edit this as i find more ideas/glitches.
  3. I've had a few years of pking experience (mainly NH tribrid) so I feel as if i'd be a good addition to the beta.
  4. So i'm helping re-work clue scrolls. mystery boxes, and wilderness keys. But I want to have the communities input so everyone's happy. If you have different ideas other than what's listed feel free to comment your opinion!