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Recruiting for PVP-PvM-Skilling Clan #TEAM UNKNOWN-

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Application Format

  • Ingame Name to be contacted on:
  • Combat level:
  • Play Time:
  • Nickname/Irl name:
  • overall pking knowledge 1-10:
  • Total level:
  • Attack/Strength/Defence/Ranged/Mage/Prayer levels:
  • Of the following, which clan are you looking for: PvP/PvM/Skiller/Social:
  • Clan Refrenced
  • why should we choose you?
  • what can you bring to our clan that we currently dont have?

Which region/timezone are you based in?:

Sign Your Application

Brief Introduction About Yourself

Do you agree to follow clan rules below?

 Clan Rules & Expectations:

  • #1. Follow All Of OutLawz Pk Rules and Regulations.
  • #2. NO BACKSTABBING,Anyone killing clan members or friends will be immediately terminated
  • 3. Please be respectful of other clan members. Accusations of racism, Se><ism, Hom{}phobia & bullying will be taken seriously, will be investigated and will not be tolerated.
  • 4. If you have to ask/suggest/hint-at/beg for a rank, then you haven't earned a promotion.
  • 5. If someone loans another clan member an item, they are expected to return said item. It is preferred members offer the other member collateral and inform leadership of said trade beforehand so we may monitor the situation more closely. If it is concluded that you or someone else has stolen items or GP, it will result in swift and an immediate permanent ban. --No Exception.--
  • 6.LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Have fun. were all here to play and have fun remember it is a game, if were not having fun fairly then why are we playing!
  • 7.If you see two clan members arguing, How would you react?-
  • 8.If you have a negative experience with a clan member, what steps would you take to squash the issue?-
  • 9.What are your personal goals on OutLawz Pk?
  • 10.What do you plan on achieving from joining our clan?-
  • 11.Do you have a clan sponsor or a reference?





Clan Youtube Videos:



Clan Free For All Videos

*Coming Soon*



Clan King Of the Hill Videos:

Coming Soon.


Clan Members

Ranked Members:

Owner - wongfongdong oh yah , 2chainz





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