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Farming Guide

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Hey everyone I thought I'd do a rough Farming guide to help you get started!

 Here's a list of all seeds you can buy to plant from our beloved Martin.


Allotment patches( Big L shaped patches):

potato-level 2

onion-level 5

cabbage-level 7

tomato-level 12

sweetcorn-level 20

strawberry-level 31

(watermelon coming soon)


Flowers ( Middle patch):

marigold-level 5 

rosemary-level 11 

nasturtium-level 24

woad-level 25

limpwurt-level 26

white lily-level 52



guam-level 9 

mearrentil-level 14

tarromin-level 19

harrlander-level 26

ranarr-level 32

toadflax-level 38

irit-level 44

avantoe-level 50

Kwuarm-level 56

Snapdragon-level 62

Cadantine-level 67

Lantadyme-level 73

Dwarfweed-level 79

Torstol-level 85 

STARTING OFF- level 1-9


1. Rake 

2. Use weeds on compost bin

3. Plant marigold, water. Plant Cabbage x2, water. Guam, water.

4. Harvest.

SECOND ROUND- level 44-55

1. Irit or avantoe, make sure to water!

2. Strawberry, guess what? water.

3. Limpwurt or Lily, and make sure to water!

THIRD ROUND- level 56-66

1. Kwuarm/Snapdragon


3. Lily 

at this point you should be able to use the guide to plant the herbs you want. once you reach level 85 the fastest way is Torstol, Strawberry, Lily. It's farming so it's a grind but this is a quick way to get you high levels!

one nice thing is that you will receive a message in-game when your plants are ready to harvest. so far you cannot see what's growing in the allotments so just click on it and it will give you an update. 

Another great thing about Outlawz is that your plants wont decay if you want to boss or leave them for a bit.

As things get added into the game I update this list as soon as possible! If you have any questions pm me in-game!

~M Y R T L E


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Thanks for this :D 

Some pics would be nice too!

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