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In-game Rules (Updated Jan 05 2019)

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This is the set of in-game rules every player must follow:

1- NO racism of any kind- This will result in immediate ban 

2. No advertising will be tolerated 

3- Arguments on help cc will not be tolerated (Staff will give out one warning, then mute the players for x hours)

4- No spamming 

5- Any misleading links/ Threats of ANY kind (ddos,hack,ect) is not accepted.

6- Real world trading is not allowed.

7- Ban Evasion is not tolerated.

8- No third part softwares allowed (i.e auto-clickers)

9- PVP-luring and PVP-farming are not allowed

10- Abusing bugs will result in immediate ban

11- VPN voting is not allowed.

12- Staff impersination is not allowed.

13- No multi-logging in the wilderness.

This list will be updated regularly. It is the player's responsibility to keep checking for updates.

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